Top 10 Australian Shepherd puppies!


Thinking about adopting a puppy and wondering what kind of companion to take home? Well at Best Friends, we’ll make you a little suggestion… How about adopting an Australian Shepherd puppy? If you’re still hesitating, here’s a nice gallery to convince you once and for all!

If there is indeed a breed of dog that is particularly fashionable at the moment among the French population, don’t look any further, we will reveal it to you right away. It is the adorable Australian Shepherd Dog.

A dog that has all the assets

And we understand that choice! After all, you just have to lay your eyes on this adorable teddy bear to melt immediately! A fluffy, silky coat, beautiful light eyes that stare at you with confidence and love, a gentle yet playful temperament… What more could you ask for?

In breeding

If it will be difficult to find an Australian Shepherd from the animal welfare organisations such as the SPA or the 30 Million Friends Foundation, you can always turn to a breeder who will be able to inform you about the breed and offer you puppies for sale.

On the other hand, forget sites like Le Bon Coin where dogs are mistreated, exploited and sometimes imported directly from Eastern Europe. We wish you a beautiful and tender adoption!

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