The Border Collie, a smart dog who needs space


The Border Collie is a highly intelligent animal with a reputation built around its many accomplishments as a herdsman. Although hardworking and very active, this dog also thrives as a family pet, provided it has space.

Characteristics of the Border Collie

Elegance and nobility are the qualities that can describe the Border Collie’s temperament. Border Collies are well balanced, athletic dogs with a medium broad, well-proportioned head and a strong muzzle tapering to the tip. The eyes are oval and set wide apart. The ears are of medium size. They can be straight or semi-erect.

The Border Collie has either a short or moderately long coat. The coat has several colors: black, brown, tricolor, tan, sand, blue, red, red merle tricolor… A point characterizing the breed is the presence of the white color visible on the chest and legs. On the other hand, it must never dominate over the other colours.

Border Collie Breed History

Border Collies are herding dogs that originate from the Borders, the border area between Scotland and England. It was first discovered in the 17th century, although at the time the concept of “breed” did not yet exist. Surprisingly, all the sheepdogs from the Borders during this period had many physical similarities, although no selection work had been done by the shepherds. The shepherds only took into account the physical aptitudes of the animal. Another surprising fact: even though the breed is old, it was not officially recognized until the early 1980s.

Necessary living conditions and behaviour of the Border Collie

The Border Collie is one of the most closed circle of the most intelligent races. They are able to learn very quickly thanks to their remarkable alertness. This dog is happy when he feels useful and when he is working. In spite of all his overflowing energy, he remains very docile.

Given its dynamic nature, this lively dog must absolutely evolve in large spaces such as houses with gardens. He cannot live in an apartment. Very regular walking sessions are also required. If possible, practice a physical activity with him to channel him.

For all these reasons, the Border Collie is not suitable for sedentary people or the elderly. On the other hand, it will thrive with children.

Diet and major health problems of the Border Collie

The Border Collie is often a victim of eye disease such as progressive retinal atrophy or cataract. The danger is that he will end up going blind at a very early age. Since effective treatments are non-existent, it is important to ensure that breeding stock does not carry the disease to prevent puppies from inheriting it. Hip dysplasia and epilepsy are also frequently diagnosed in the breed.

In order to ensure his iron constitution, his diet must be cared for. Since he is very energetic, prefer quality kibbles purchased from specialized networks that contain the nutrients necessary for his good development.

Price of a Border Collie dog or puppy
Price Border Collie male: 800 €.
Price Border Collie female : 850 €.

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