Kim Jong-Un reportedly ordered the seizure of domestic dogs


Not content to flout fundamental human rights, the dictator at the head of North Korea is now attacking the rights of animals. Here, it is the dogs that are more particularly targeted, because they are considered representative of a Western fashion. But what are these ideological arguments really hiding? What will become of the animals after their “seizure”?

Pure and simple confiscation of domestic dogs
A country hostile to pets
Would this operation conceal a hideous sacrifice?
Pure and simple confiscation of domestic dogs
The information that has come in is shocking to any pet owner. Via an official request published last July, North Korean dog owners are strongly urged to hand over their dogs to the authorities.

While the details provided by the source of the Chisunilbo are yet to be verified, they have been in the headlines since their release. Thus, the dictator is said to have qualified the possession of a domestic dog as a decadent fashion stemming from “bourgeois ideology”.

A country hostile to domestic animals
Since the 1980s, North Korean leaders have had an ambivalent relationship with pet ownership. This practice is sometimes banned and sometimes “regulated” because it is the prerogative of the Western world. Far from ideological preoccupations, one may wonder what is happening to animal welfare.

So much so that owners are now afraid that, in addition to being torn from their homes, dogs will be victims of sordid trafficking. “Officially”, they would be taken to zoos and dedicated sanctuaries… But this is the optimistic version of the facts.

Would this operation conceal a hideous sacrifice?
Indeed, the country regularly experiences food crises and other famines, and struggles to properly feed its entire population. So much so that South Korea was forced to provide rice last June. The drought would also have been particularly severe this year.

Many people therefore suspect that these animals are simply killed to be used as food in restaurants… As a reminder, the dog remains a dish like any other in some parts of Asia – cultural differences oblige.

It is not the first time that the dictator has distinguished himself in this way. In 2018, he used domestic dogs to create fur clothes… Whether exaggerated or not, this information, which remains to be clarified, says a lot about the consideration of animals in the country…

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