bearded collie


This is the “bearded” Collie (that’s what his name means): an active dog, with a body longer than tall, without heaviness, very solid, with supple and lively movements. The head is broad, the skull flat, the muzzle of equal length to the skull, the stop moderate, the nose large and square. The eyes are large and bright. The ears are hanging and of medium length. The limbs must be perfectly plumb. The tail is moderately long and is carried cheerfully when the dog is excited, but never over the back.

Hair: Thick and soft undercoat like fur. Flat topcoat, of medium length, rough. It should not form locks, but only a slight wave.
Color: grey, reddish fawn, black, brown or sandy, with or without the white patches typical of Collies.
Size: 53 to 56 cm for the male and 51 to 53 cm for the female.
Weight: approx. 25 kg

Origins and history
The Bearded Collie is a very old dog, which comes from the crossing of the Bobtail with the primitive form of the Collie; in fact, we are not sure of its most remote origins. The first written documents relating to this dog date back to the 16th century, but it seems that it already existed at the time of the Roman invasion of the British Isles.

Character and aptitudes
Affectionate :
It is a dog very close to his adoptive family and to the people around him in general.

Playful :
Very active and dynamic, this dog is a great player.

He needs to run and play but knows how to be quiet inside when all his needs are met.

Intelligent : Intelligent:
The Bearded Collie is very smart, sometimes a little too smart. His intelligence allows him to detect the meaning of an indication and to escape if he doesn’t perceive one.

Hunter :
It is mainly a sheepdog and companion dog; it can nevertheless, if it crosses some, pursue a prey but without being determined to kill it.

Fearful / distrustful of strangers:
Sometimes distrustful of strangers, he is never aggressive and is very friendly if introduced properly.

Independent :
He is very attached to his social group but still retains a certain independence linked to his past as a shepherd.

Supports solitude :
He prefers to be surrounded by members of his adoptive family, but if he is accustomed from an early age to living positively with the absences of his masters, he will know how to wait for them quietly.

Easy to educate / obedient :
It is a breed that needs to work and feel useful, so it is not difficult to educate but it can be stubborn if it is not convinced of the usefulness of what is asked of it.

Barking :
He always barks wisely, mainly to prevent an intrusion.

Bearded Collie does not run away, he prefers to stay with his own kind.

If he is bored, this sheepdog may do silly things to pass the time and express his discomfort.

Greedy / glutton :
Food can be a good way to motivate this sometimes stubborn dog to cooperate.

Watchdog :
He has a fairly strong guard instinct that allows him to prevent and protect his family from any intrusion.

First dog :
This breed fulfills many criteria favorable to a first adoption. Novice and experienced masters alike can achieve great results with this dog if trained regularly and with respect.

Living conditions
Bearded Collie in apartment :
As a good shepherd dog, he prefers to live outdoors, but he can also adapt to life in an apartment if he has the opportunity to run and let off steam during the day.

Need for exercise / sport :
This is a working dog that needs stimulation, whether physical or mental. Very lively and intelligent, he is also athletic and enduring; regular physical activity is essential.

A canine sport such as agility, canicross, obedience, treibball or tracking will allow him to express his full potential.

Travel / Ease of transport :
His average size allows him to follow his masters in their various travels without too many problems. However, socialization is necessary to accustom him to changing environments.

The Bearded Collie and the Cats :
It is preferable that the two species have grown together to live together. Otherwise, the grouping instinct of this dog could become burdensome, especially for the cat.

The Bearded Collie and Other Dogs :
If the Bearded Collie puppy benefits from good socialization, he will quickly integrate canine codes and will then be able to interact respectfully with his fellow dogs.

Bearded Collie and Children :
He is very gentle and caring towards children.

The Bearded Collie and the Elderly :
His impulsiveness and dynamism are not compatible with older people.

Resistant / robust :
It is a rather resistant dog but we must be careful not to overtax it before its first birthday to ensure a solid growth.

Withstands the heat:
His thick coat can cause him to suffer from heat, so his activities must be adapted to heat waves.

Withstands the cold:
It does not fear the cold.

Tendency to put on weight:
If he lives a sedentary lifestyle, he may become overweight. Care must be taken to ensure that his spending needs are well met.

Frequent illnesses :

Ear infections

Hip dysplasia

Progressive retinal atrophy

Addison’s disease

Skin problems

Grooming and maintenance
The long hair of this bearded dog should be brushed two or three times a week. His ears should also be cleaned as regularly as possible.

Hair loss :
He loses a lot of hair.Price
The price of a Bearded Collie varies according to its origin, age and gender. On average, you should count on 850€ for a dog registered in the LOF. The highest lines can be sold up to 1000€.

Concerning the average budget to provide for a dog of this size, it is necessary to count approximately 40€/month.

Average life expectancy: about 14 years

Remarks and advice
The Bearded Collie is not very widespread in France but the breeders produce very good quality subjects. If you want a puppy, you have to reserve it a long time in advance. It is a breed that needs to work and feel useful, so it is always advisable to plan his training: the Bearded Collie is not difficult to train but he can be stubborn if he is not convinced of the usefulness of what is asked of him.

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