American Eskimo Dog History and Domestication


The American Eskimo Dog is a small to medium-sized breed of dog which, despite its name, is actually native to Germany. European settlers arrived with white versions of the German Spitz, but after the First World War, the name had to be changed to avoid negative feelings about the country. Until recently, the German Spitz and the American Eskimo Dog were recognized as belonging to the same breed, but they have now been registered separately because there are actually subtle differences between the two. Three different types of the American Eskimo Dog are bred today which are the toy, miniature and standard versions. Although they differ in size, they are almost identical in appearance and temperament.

American Eskimo Dog Physical characteristics
The American Eskimo Dog is a small and compact domestic breed, with a square body and wedge-shaped head. They have small, pointed ears that are almost always straight and a nose that is generally black with brown eyes. One of the most distinctive characteristics of the American Eskimo Dog is its beautiful snow-white coat which is quite long in places. The American Eskimo Dog has a thick double layer of fur which consists of a soft and dense undercoat, with longer and coarser hairs forming the outer layer. The tail of the American Eskimo dog is long, curved upwards and covered with long white feathers. They range in size from 23cm to 43cm, depending on the breed type (toy, miniature or standard).

American Eskimo Dog Behavior and Temperament
The American Eskimo is an affectionate and loving breed, increasingly popular in homes around the world. United States. They are robust and adaptable dogs, known to live easily in a variety of houses and apartments. The American Eskimo Dog is very alert, which makes them a relentless guard dog, as they will bark to alert their owner of any stranger approaching. They are known to be good with young children as they are naturally playful by nature and are always eager to please. The American Eskimo Dog He is also very intelligent as he has been used as a guard dog, watchdog, drug detection and tricks. The American Eskimo Dog thrives on Humans but behavioral problems can occur if it does not have a clearly dominant owner.

American Eskimo Dog Breeding
The American Eskimo Dog has existed in America for hundreds of years, but was known as the White German Spitz until its name was changed after the First World War. They were bred almost exclusively as companions and sometimes as guard dogs, with three different sizes, which means that any house of any size can now own one. They do however need a lot of attention. with regular grooming of their silky coat and like to fit into the family properly. The American Eskimo Dog has an average of 5 puppies per litter and healthy individuals can be over X years old.

American Eskimo Dog Interesting Facts and Characteristics
Despite its name, the American Eskimo Dog is thought to have absolutely no connection to Eskimo and Inuit Dogs whatsoever. In 1913, they were renamed American Eskimo to avoid any discrimination against the breed because of their German identity. origins. It is believed that the most likely reason they were named American Eskimos is due to their snowy white coat. The American Eskimo Dog has become an increasingly popular breed after appearing in a number of acts at the Barnum and Bailey circus. A number of tricks can be performed such as dancing to music and interacting with clowns, but it was the fact that an American Eskimo Dog was the first dog to walk through a tightrope that really made a name for the breed.

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