About US

About Me pages are somewhat awkward to write. Kind of like that interview question that we all dread. “So, tell me a bit about yourself”. The photo slide show may be a hint to my character and obvious stellar upbringing, but here are some action-packed point form nuggets of info to help paint a bigger picture.

I am Canadian but most of my readers are from the USA. I hope to grow my audience and stalker circle to other parts of the world.
You can say I totally nail the “3 P’s”…. Peppy, Pale and Polite.
My obsessions include squirrels, salty snacks and T-rexs
If someone doesn’t love animals, they are dead to me.
I consider my bike my friend and my Honda is named Holly. (Holly Wanda Honda, to be exact)
Family means everything to me.
By day I am an Insurance Underwriter and Mortician Assistant.
I grew up with three brothers and I held my own pretty darn well.
Being a blogger is so much fun and I love seeing this creative medium gaining attention and respect in the marketing world..
I root for the underdog.
Swimming makes me happy. Bowling, not so much.
So welcome to My Dog 4U blog and I hope you find something you like here. Be sure to look for giveaways too. I LOVE giving things away. Gives me the warm fuzzies. Could be menopause though. Just saying.