5 Ways Your Dog Asks For Help


In a perfect world, your dog would be able to tell you exactly what he needs when he needs it. Unfortunately, dogs lack the language skills to communicate and ask for help when they need it.

But just because they can’t communicate with words doesn’t mean they don’t communicate at all! Your dog will find a way to get the point across when he needs something from you. And the main way he’ll do it? Body language.

Dogs use their bodies as a way to communicate. And if you can learn to read your dog’s body language, you can figure out exactly what it is your dog needs, whether that’s a refill of his water dish, a game of fetch, or just a good, old-fashioned belly scratch—no words required.

But how can you read your dog’s body language to figure out what, exactly, he wants or needs? Here are five ways your dog asks for help (and how to recognize each):

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